21 October 2011

MIAF review previews: the last week

I slept through Hedda Gabler. Not in the bad, snoring way, but in the feeling queasy and had a nap in the afternoon and the next thing I knew my +1 was ringing and asking where I was cos it was 7.59. I hear it was pretty amazing though, so please read Alison's review.

MIAF 2011
Pan Pan Theatre, APA, Melbourne Festival
18 October 2011
Merlyn Theatre, The Malthouse
to 22 October

Loving Hamlet, difficulties with language and dogs, The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane had me from Monash Uni's Sue Twegg's opening discussion about the instability of Shakespeare's language, accompanied by a very beautiful Great Dane.

If you don't know Hamlet – really know it, not just know it's the Shakespeare one with the skull and "To be or not to be" – I have no idea if there's anything to connect to.

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