05 October 2012

FRINGE review previews

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The unspoken word is "Joe"
MKA and La Mama
6 October 2012
La Mama Theatre
to 14 October

The unspoken word is "Joe" has added as many performances as possible. The last lot sold out in 20 minutes. This means that the cast get pizza and those without tickets will have to see something else at the Fringe and believe what they heard about this show.


Daniel Kilby
4 October 2012
The Butterfly Club
to 7 October

Damn you Daniel Kilby! Maudit sois-tu! It took weeks to get Loreen's "Euphoria" out of my head and now it's back and it's hard to write when I'm doing the dance and looking for my own dancing ninja.

If you have no idea what I'm on about, then I'm reaching a much broader demographic than I thought. I'm talking about the annual event that stops my world, the event whose delayed finals broadcast made me turn Facebook off for the first time in years.


He also knows the international rules of the Eurovision drinking game and Eurotrashed is a celebratory deconstruction of songs that define when and why we drink for Eurovision. If you're only drinking for white suits, key changes and fire, you have a lot to learn and have possibly been far too sober for Eurovisions past.


More clips will also be coming!

The Seance
No Show
4 October 2012
Somewhere in North Melbourne
to 15 October 

I can't talk about The Seance, but I was there.

An intimate group of about 10 meet outside the North Melbourne Town Hall. Welcomed by our host, we chat and hear disturbing stories about the area's past and hope that we're not being taken to the old asylum. 

We also promise to keep our location secret. The Fringe don't know where we go and those who have been there know that breaking a promise made in the dark isn't worth the risk.

I can say that it really is a candle-lit seance with a glass and Yes and No questions, that it guarantees a case of the heeby geebies,  that you have to book because the space is intimate, and that you HAVE to book because this is one of those shows that people will talk about and you'll be thrilled to say, "I was there". 


Live On Air With Poet Laureate Telia Nevile 
28 September 2012
Fringe Hub, Lithuanian Club
to 5 October

I'm so not a poet
I can't rhyme for shit
So cheer out loud and thank the gods for Telia Nevile:
the Poet Laureate


And for more wordy love don't miss Wordgasm Smackdown on 6 October, where SM favourites like Ash Flanders, Ben McKenzie and Zoey Dawson will join Telia in a Fight Club with words.

Choir Girl
28 September 2012
Fringe Hub, Lithuanian Club
to 13 October

In recent Fringes and festivals, Sarah Collins has brought us gorgeous tales about adorable misfits who never lose hope. Choir Girl is as achingly funny and beautifully written as Nothing Extraordinary Ever Happens in Toowoomba (Ever) and Donna and Damo, but it's a much darker story about a woman lost in loneliness.

Choir Girl Susan is alone in a house that's too big for her because her safely-gay housemate is on a Disney cruise, but promised to bring her back mouse ears, so that's ok. Luckily she's found a choir in Sandringham that wants new members and, despite the very long bus trip, she's an alto who understands the importance of blending and her 1992 local Eisteddfod–winning song shows off her voice.


The Well
La Mama
23 September 2012
season finished

The Well was sold out, which is awesome for everyone involved, but a shame for those who missed out.

Playwright and director Robert Reid (The Joy of TextOn the production of monsters) has been working with Monash university performing arts students for three years. Being in a uni, and having the support of MUST (Monash Uni Student Theatre), gave him and his performers an opportunity that most professional companies can't offer:  significant time to workshop, explore, rehearse and work together to create something that truly reflects who they are and how they create.


Hello my name is
Theatre Works and Sans Hotel/Nicola Gunn
19 September 2012
Theatre Works
to 29 September 

Hello, my name is Anne-Marie and Nicola Gunn made me confront one of my greatest public fears.

Like many theatre goers, I like the safe dark space that secures my anonymity from the performers in the lights.  Creator and performer Gunn likes to bring us into the same space. After all, what's the point of performing if there isn't an audience to share it with?

Audience participation! I can hear you running away. Come back. It's ok. Really. This show really is safe and easy and fun. Except what she made me do.


Hello my name is leaves no space to hide in the dark, but don't be scared of the light because this hilarious, confronting, beautiful and weird show will leave you smiling and feeling so much better for the experience.


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