06 October 2012

Multiple wordgasms TONIGHT

Reviewers use the word wordgasm amongst ourselves; we know who we've given one too and who we've left wanting.

But it's wordgasms for all tonight.

This week's most-shared (by my friends)
facey meme 

You know how people get a bit competitive writing witty tweets (except me, I know that I'm shit on the Twitter) –well imagine it live and with more words.

Tonight is the Inaugural Heavyweight Wordgasm Smackdown

Poet Laureate Telia Nevile has packed up her pirate radio station (hopefully coming back for Comedy Fest) and hosting tonight's fight. 

Combatants are from Melbourne's theatre, comedy, hip hop and comedy communities and include SM favourites like Ash Flanders, Ben McKenzie and Zoey Dawson.

There will be blood, even if it's just Ash getting a paper cut.

Entry is by donation and it starts at 11pm at the Tuxedo Cat.

All details here.

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