26 October 2012

Last Melbourne Festival weekend: what to do?

There's only two more days to hang out at the Festival Hub and rush to see the exhibitions that you swore you'd make time for – and see shows that finish tomorrow!

I've been very lucky to have been a date for some shows, but will also do a review catch up as soon as I'm not sitting in or climbing through a show. (I so want to find time to go back to Hold.)  And really, sitting and talking with friends and strangers after a show is so much better for you than reading a review.

Or go to the Twitter #melbfest for a quicker read.

The House of Dreaming 
Arena Theatre Company
finishes Saturday 27 October

I didn't want to leave The House of Dreaming and neither did my artistic advisor, five-year-old Scout.

This giant doll house is as close to walking into a storybook as possible with dressing up, stories, magic and wow! in every room.

Every child deserves to go (designed for 5 and up).


We're Gonna Die
Young Jean Lee's Theater Company
finishes Saturday 27 October

There's been far too many empty seats at We're Gonna Die.

Come on Melbourne, you will LOVE this adorable show that's not at all theatrey, a little bit hipstery and likely to make you cry (for yourself, in a good way) and sing.  It's honest, full of heart and adorable.

Young Jean Lee is the artist I won't forget from this festival (and Nilaja Sun) and I now want to see everything else she's created.

Here's a chat with her.

Before Your Very Eyes
CAMPO/Gob Squad
finishes Saturday 27 October

If you saw and loved That Night Follows Day at the 2008 Melbourne Festival, Before Your Very Eyes is the third and final work in Belgium company CAMPO's series of works performed by children for adults. CAMPO changed their name from Victoria, which is why I didn't tweak until I was at the show. 

Developed over a number of years, seven children play/perform in a box made of two-way mirrors. They grow and die. It's not as creepy as it sounds; it's beautiful and fascinating – and to see a tween express everything about being 45 was unforgettable.

Slips Inside
finishes Friday 26 October

I haven't seen this, but it looks like it's so much fun – and it's on at the Festival Hub.

And here's a chat with clown Xavier Bouvier where he says that art "makes life more beautiful".

An Enemy of the People
Schaubühne Berlin
finishes Saturday 27 October

This is the show that theatrey types are raving about. I loved it, but I get why some people huffed out.

See it before your read reviews in fear of spoilers, but for after, here's Alison's and Cameron's.

The Rabble
finishes Saturday 27 October

Orlando has been sold out for days;  if have a ticket, don't you dare waste it.

La Soiree
finishes 18 November

It's La Clique in Melbourne's most gorgeous theatre. There's bath boy David O'Mer, glorious Ursula Martinez, scrumptious Le Gateau Chocolate, super delightful Jess Love, bendy beyond belief Captain Frodo, the wonderful Wau Wau Sisters and guests galore.

Impossible not to love!

And please try to do Hold and/or Impasse at the Meat Market and Arts House.

I've spoken to people who didn't end up as bruised as I did! And know that you'll know if it's not right for you – but just knowing that makes your experience as incredible as everyone's who got to the end.

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