01 May 2014

GIVEAWAYS for Next Wave at ArtsHouse

16 April – 11 May

Melbourne's biennial Next Wave festival was established in 1984 and continues to support and develop emerging artists to experiment, risk, create and share new work. It's the festival that challenges expectations and questions what art is and what it can be. This year, they are responding to the theme "New Grand Narrative".

The team at ArtsHouse are so excited about the shows they've helped develop for the festival that they have giveaways for Sometimes Melbourne readers.

These three shows that explore our bodies, especially how they are used in performance and are often seen as something separate from the person who inhabits the body.

Madonna Arms
I'm Trying to Kiss You

I'm Trying to Kiss You were one of my favourite companies in 2011 with I know there's a lot of noise outside but you have to close your eyes, an extraordinary and moving a piece about young women and relationships.

Madonna Arms is a sci-fi exploration of the ways that the obsession for fitness and weight loss fill the psyche of women.

To WIN a double pass to Madonna Arms
Saturday 3 May, 8.00 pm at Meat Market
email info@starling.com.au
with SM Madonna Arms as the subject
and include your name and phone number

Personal Mythologies
Shian Law

Personal Mythologies is a large-scale dance and performance immersive installation. It questions the power and relationships between performers and audience by inviting participation from its audience.  Wear comfy clothes and shoes and be prepared cloak all personal items before you join in.

To WIN a double pass to Personal Mythologies
Saturday 3 May,7.30 pm at North Melbourne Town Hall
with SM Personal Mythologies as the subject
and include your name and phone number

Natalie Abbott

MAXIMUM is a dancer and a bodybuilder: two highly-trained professionals who will push themselves beyond exhaustion to test the boundaries between dance and sport and reveal the full potential of the human body.

To WIN a double pass to MAXIMUM
Saturday 3 May, 6.45 pm at Meat Market
with SM Maximum as the subject
and include your name and phone number

The competition closes at 4.00 pm on Friday 2 May and winners will be notified by email.

And while you're at Arts House (North Melbourne Town Hall and The Meat Market) remember that  eeing just one show per night in a festival just isn't right. Other Arts House works include:

The Club 3.0
New Heroes

This isn't a play. Inspired by Fight Club, it uses the premise of violence to explore their generation's attitude to political change. Twelve people from the audience will be invited to participate in controlled fight scenes.

Das Boot
Ester Stuart and Oscar Perry

A weekend-long visual-art-project-cum-boot sale.

A Wake: Kids Killing Kids
Sipat Lawin and Too Many Weapons

KKK part 2! This is the Next Wave show that I'm most looking forward to. Following their sold-out and still-being-argued-about season of Kids Killing Kids at the 2013 Melbourne Fringe, the Too Many Weapons Collective are joined this time by Sipat Lawin to look at what happened after the 2013 show.

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