06 May 2014

NEXT WAVE review previews


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Wael Zuaiter: Unknown
Creative Nonfiction and Theatre Works
30 April 2014
Theatre Works
to 11 May

Illustration by Matt Huynh
The storytelling in Wael Zuaiter: Unknown is exquisite. Compelling and original, it uncovers truth and doubt but focuses on a personal story, because people may not listen to opinion but they do listen to story.

Jesse Cox makes radio documentaries but wanted to tell his Aunt Janet's story differently. He sits at a desk and talks. With cinema-screen-size hand-drawn animation, audio recordings, photos, and live music that almost breathes with Jesse, his unpretentious and gentle telling leaves the structure unseen and draws its audience into a story that's far more complex than its romantic beginnings suggest.

2 May 2014
Tower Theatre, Malthouse
to 11 May

SEEThrough grasps some truths about the awkward bond of heterosexual men and was created with  passion and honesty, but it isn't ready for the stage.

And with significant development support from Next Wave, Ilbijerri, the Performance Space and Malthouse, it should have been more ready.

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