08 May 2014

NEXT WAVE: Madonna Arms

Madonna Arms
I'm Trying To Kiss You 
7 May 2014
Arts House, Meat Market

Photo by Sarah Walker

Shows don't speak to everyone, but I thought that Madonna Arms would be one for me.

I'm Trying To Kiss You's last show captured the experience of 20-something love and friendship so beautifully and this one is about women and body image, food and fitness with 80s sci-fi references, pop-culture jabs and drag kings. Sign me up!

But I don't know what this show is trying to say.

It had some moments about salads and chips and strength, and I laughed at the big cock, but it seemed so focussed on its own big picture and what it looked like (and I don't think they were trying for the ultimate irony) that its content got lost in the razzle dazzle and support underwear.

I saw it without my review hat on, so I recommend Jane Howard's review on The Guardian. 

PS. When you start late on purpose during a festival, you know that other shows lose some of their audience.

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