10 May 2014

Very Quickly: A Wake, Kids Killing Kids

A Wake: Kids Killing Kids
Too Many Weapons and The Sipat Lawin Ensemble
10 May 2014
Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
to 11 May

Very quickly

There are only two performances left of A Wake: Kids Killing Kids. 

At last year's Melbourne Fringe, we saw and we argued about Kids Killing Kids, the story of four young writers and their experience of writing an unexpected cult hit in Manila that was criticised as much for its violence as it was praised by its thousands of obsessed fans.

This version includes five members of The Sipat Lawin Ensemble, the company who created and performed that show in Manila, including the director, performers and the production manager.

A Wake begins with the same writers' story, but this time it's the people who were performing Battalia Royale in Manila take over and tell their side.

If you loved the Fringe show, you cannot even consider missing this.

If you hated the Fringe show (and I know people who really did), I really think that you should see this.

And here's a wonderful interview and reflection from Fleur on School For Birds.

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