15 April 2016

MICF: Lady Sings it Better

Lady Sings It Better, Here to Save the World
13 April 2016
The Butterfly Club
to 17 April 2017

Lady Sings It Better

After a few false starts, I finally got to see Lady Sings It Better this year – and they are brilliant. I love them.

In Here to Save the World, they are super heroes in gold lam̩ and are here to save us all by bringing attention to the gender inequality Рand utter creepiness Рin some of the most popular of pop songs.

I heard lyrics that I hadn't noticed before (Tom Jones, ewww), was taken back to the time I didn't really know what "You give me head" meant, and know more about Kanye than I ever thought I would.

As my review-writing brain has turned into a puddle of over-used adjectives and gratuitous swearing, watch this video instead. They don't do this song (which I still love) in the show, but you'll know if you want to see them.