29 April 2016

More Shit

4–15 May

Photo by Sebastian Bourges

In last year's MTC Neon season, one show sold out and was raved about in ways that left the city excited about theatre.

Shit by Dee & Cornelius.

So many people didn't get to see it, so don't miss this opportunity. This remount opens next week at fortyfivedownstairs and runs until 15 May.

To start, listen to the Susie Dee (director) and Patricia Cornelius (writer) talking about it with Richard Watts on Smart Arts on RRR.

ondemand.rrr.org.au It's about an hour in.

It won four Independent Theatre Green Room Awards and was one of my favourite shows of 2016.

(Patricia) Cornelius's writing leaves me shaking. Her dialogue sounds natural but it isn't like spoken language. She makes the profane poetic and lets language be so much more than words with assumed meaning. Her text has shape and rhythm and feels like it's beating to the heartbeats of her characters. It makes us listen to every "fuck" and "cunt" – and there are many – and really hear what they mean. And she only tells what needs to be told, leaving the subtext and the untold as the voice on stage that sneaks into your guts and doesn't let go.

My review.

Cameron Woodhead's review.

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Tim Byrne's review on Time Out seems to have vanished, but it's a good one.

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