08 April 2016

MICF: Neal Portenza

Neal Portenza Neal Portenza Neal Portenza Neal Portenza Neal Portenza Neal Portenza Neal Portenza Neal Portenza. Tracey.
2 April 2016
Melbourne Town Hall, Backstage room
to 17 April

Neal Portenza

I've been earning my Feminist Fright Bat wings by writing about amazing women comedians this festival, but some of the blokes are also far too wonderful to miss.

Josh Ladgrove's beret-wearing Neal Portenza blows me away every time I see him.

With a design including balloons, some lovely interactive modelling clay, and a bit of blood, he's a bit calmer this year, so he's like a puppy – on speed. A super-smart puppy who understands the world far too clearly and decides to deal with it by re-interpreting the rules of classic clowning.

The illogical insanity of his show makes complete sense when you're in the moment. I could try to describe Pok├ęgoth, but I'll get the same odd looks as when I say that the only thing funnier than one squeaky rubber chicken in his underpants – there is near-nudity –, is four squeaky rubber chickens.

And no one else asks their audience to add a bonus comic timing moment, or to make racist or bad jokes punishable.

Neal Portenza puts the W, T & F into whimsy. This is indie original comedy that defies sensical description and takes a lot to be beaten.

And Nathan the tech is back to help.

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