05 April 2016

MICF: Rama Nicholas

Rama Nicholas, Mary Weather's Monsters
Sunday 27 March
Trades Hall, The Quilt Room
to 17 April

Rama Nicholas

It's 1890s London and Mary Weather continues to try to balance protecting the city from monsters, missing her sister, and dealing with boyfriend Percy Shelley's affections –"Go and write a poem, Percy". When she finds her chance to enter the monster realm and end the war that broke out when she was a child, she learns that not everyone believes in Mary Weather.

This gothic, steam-punk, fantasy, feminist comedy reinvents literary geniuses and creates a world of monsters, fate and redemption that Mary Shelley and her friends would have been thrilled to read.

And it's all performed, and written, by the all-round brilliant Rama Nicholas.

Every character and monster – monsters who have never been seen before – is as real on the stage as they are in her imagination. She knows every detail of her incredible worlds, and she shares the perfect detail to make them so real that her audience could tell you what else they saw hidden in the dark or empty spaces on the stage

Mary Weather's Monsters is as hilarious as it is heart-warming and it's some of the tightest and most original story-telling around.

I'm going to try and see this again, I loved it so much.

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