14 April 2016

MICF: Lessons With Luis

Lessons With Luis
30 March 2016
ACMI, Games Room
to 17 April

Lessons With Luis

I love Luis so much that I don't want to upset him by acknowledging that he's a character.  

In Lessons With Luis, his first solo show, he tells us that character comedy is pretending to be someone else by wearing a costume.

This year Luis is doing a show all by himself. He's been working hard with the video recorder and the second tv to make a show that's educational and full of lessons to make the world a better place. His wonderful dad, Len, and Catty the cat (oh, Catty...) make appearances on the video cassette so that Luis doesn't feel alone (but his naughty little brother Luelin taped over an important bit).

There are stories, songs, balloons and, if you're good, you'll get a sticker. I stuck mine on my iPad.

This is dead-set genius character comedy that's heart breaking, heart warming and "oh my word" brilliant.

Once you've met Luis, nothing will stop you seeing him again – and wanting to make him a tray of lasagne.

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