08 April 2018

MICF: At Least I Have a Cat!

At Least I Have a Cat!
Nadine Sparks 
7 April 2018
Fad Gallery
to 8 April

Nadine Sparks

Nadine Sparks is in her 40s, is single and lives alone with her old grumpy obsessive tortie cat? Why would I want to see that?

Sure she also shops at Aldi and City Chic, but Molly and I are both older and we live further down the Nepean. Totally different...

Sparks does old-school, this-is-me, like-it-or-lump-it stand-up. There are plenty of jokes, lots of laughing at herself, and she doesn't care about not being "PC" (although she may want to consider why she thinks that).

As with much of this type of stand-up, there's the potential to go deeper and tell a bigger story, but   her audience love her. Especially those who can relate to not being where they thought they were going to be in life by their 40s. Remember when 40 seemed so old?

She hates selfies
We share our critic's face

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