02 April 2018

MICF: It's not me, it's Lou

It's not me, it's Lou
Louisa Wall
30 March 2018
Shell Room, Coopers Malthouse
to 8 April

Lousia Wall

There's a few nights left to do the Lou Wall double at Malthouse; she goes from It's not me, it's Lou, her solo show, to the raved-about Romeo is Not the Only Fruit. 

Lou's in her early 20s, so she has plenty of indulgent Facebook statuses as fodder for her cabaret about being part if the social media generation. I love social media, but I'm so glad it didn't exist when I was in my teens; us Gen Xers may be the last generation who only have memories of our teens and twenties.

But it's lucky for us that Lou didn't delete her status updates and is happy to admit her iPhone love.

And she knows that her cabaret's not a cabaret – could theatre be a lie!? – even with are songs, sequins, and a trackie.

Keep an eye on her; she's only going to get more awesome.

And she's totally MICF – Melbourne Independent Celebratory Feminist.

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