07 April 2018

MICF: Two Little Dickheads

Two Little Dickheads
Sharnema Nougar and David Tieck

The Furies
7 April 2018
Imperial Hotel, Stella Room
to 15 April

Two Little Dickheads. Sharnema Nougar & David Tieck

Two Little Dickheads is produced by The Furies. That's a pretty good indication that it's going to be worth seeing as they've already given us Romeo Is Not The Only Fruit, Volcano and Clittery Glittery this festival. Indie producers rock.

I'm still not sure what this show is. I'm not sure if they know yet, but Sharnema Nougar and David Tieck combine character, improv and clowning to make comedy that is totally their own.

I loved every gorgeously weird moment of it. And not just because it has stories about cats.

Sharnema and David welcome us to their home. They are wearing matching pink t-shirts,  stunning silver eye shadow under their glasses, and pastel drawstring-waist cat-print pants (ok, they're pj bottoms). Their makeup is bio glitter and their two cats (that may double as hats) are rescues; they may be dickheads but they're not DICKHEADS.

With drinks shared around, we're ready for an odd day with the couple (who are also totally best friends) but disaster strikes and a shiny, silver meteorite – which is as pretty as a disco ball – is heading to earth. How will they spend their last day? Can the world really explode in a hotel comedy room?

See shows you have no idea about this festival.

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