07 April 2018

MICF: Massive Bitch

Massive Bitch
Chelsea Zeller

2 April 2018
Butterfly Club
to 8 April

Chelsea Zeller

The Butterfly Club is presenting and supporting so many amazing indie artists this festival; it's easy to stay for four shows each night – with cocktails for sustenance. To fit them all in, some shows have short runs and the massively funny Massive Bitch finishes this weekend.

Writing and performing every character, Chelsea Zeller turns the downstairs Butterfly Club into a tv studio where it's time to record to a daily live show. But the ratings are down, the crew is new, the guests are difficult, the presenters have had enough and the producer is a bitch.

Zeller moves from original character to original character without a hitch – even the interviews are so flawless that it's easy to forget there's only one person on stage. Structurally, the overall story needs some work, but it's the sharp characterisation and spot on jokes that keep the audience wanting more.

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