07 April 2018

MICF: No Way Rosé

No Way Rosé
Rose Callahan
A-List Entertainment
7 April 2018
Forum Theatre, Ladies Lounge (that has a different name)
to 22 April

Rose Callahan

No Way Rosé. Rose Callahan had me with a pun title. She knows she has an audience that either loves puns or wine. Either is a winner. It's her third pun-titled show but the first time I've seen her.

See artists you haven't seen this festival. 

I get that it's great to play big rooms with thousands of adoring fans (and their $), but as an audience, there's nothing like seeing stand-up in tiny rooms where you will have to sit in the front row if you're late and you'll recognise the comedian in the street and think they're a friend because you know them so well.

Never be scared of tiny rooms at festivals.

Rose is 35 and has stopped having sex with younger men because she's in a relationship. Sure a volcano in Bali made romance difficult and she has an expensive toy that may or may not be helping the relationship, but she's doing it – and giving her single friends hope.

Grab a glass of cougar juice (she may have  ruined rosé for me), be first in line and make sure the front row is quickly filled so that any latecomers have to squish together in the back, leaving you free to become Rose's new friends and/or see the visual joke that's just for the front .

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