02 April 2018

MICF: #PickUp

Enter Closer & Crowded

1 April 2018
Tasma Terrace
to 8 April

Colin and Alia are in a polyamorous relationship and are happy to answer any questions about being poly or about sex; they've done "all the fun things", and maybe a few of the dumb things.

Rock parody, with electric ukulele and guitar, and stories about sex, from the amazing to the serious,  awkward and wonderfully hilarious. Sex IS funny; they have a song about that. And they are as damn sexy as they are funny.

They have all of my enthusiastic consent, and I learnt some new words.

As the content changes based the audience – you can text them a live question and they promise to personally answer any they miss – each night has a different vibe. Last night, they couldn't answer what type of lube is safe for heritage wallpaper, but there was a terrific conversation about being asexual.

And it's made all the better by being in Tasma Terrace in a heritage parlour that feels like we should be reading Pride and Prejudice and drinking tea; I know I'm not alone in thinking that's sexy. 

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