28 September 2013

FRINGE: Everything All The Time

Everything All The Time
27 September 2013
Hill of Content bookshop
to 3 October

Ghosts in a bookshop! Yes!

Everything All The Time is the first play by performance poet Sean M Whelan. It's about Patience and Tully, who may or may not be dead, depending on what choices the ghosts of their past and present can convince them to make.

It's performed on the first floor of the Hill of Content bookshop and there's something so cosy and safe about being surrounded by books and a quietness that can't even be broken by a drunken Friday night Bourke Street. 

At first sighting, the ghosts are in a traditional white sheet, which is sweet and funny, but its dagginess distracts from the tone of the text and the performances by reminding us that it can't possibly be real.

But, sheets aside, it's a delicate and touching script that's full of heart and written with a poeticism that charms and feels so at home in a bookshop that I don't want to see it performed anywhere else (except a library).

It's also selling out, so it's one to book for.

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