26 September 2013

FRINGE: Run Girl Run

Run Girl Run
Grit Theatre
22 September 3013
Fringe Hub, Rehearsal Room
to 27 September

Three treadmills, three actors, 50 minutes.

They stay on the treadmills. They get dressed and undressed on the moving treadmills. They speed up until they are running.

With conversations that felt so natural that I wasn't sure if it was tight script or tight improvisation, it's a work that's ultimately about gender and all the ridiculous stuff that's assumed about it and too often acquired by or forced onto folk. Their extremes are a bit closer to stereotype than archetype, but this didn't take anything away from its momentum and pace.

It's performed on treadmills! It's all momentum and pace. Throw in the building tension and fear that someone is going to fall and smash their pretty face into a bloody mess and Run Girl Run is theatre that leaves you breathless.

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