27 September 2013

FRINGE: Stranger

21 September 2013
Fringe Hub, The Rehearsal Room
to 27 September

Geraldine Quinn's Stranger is a solo musical that has as much guts, joy, poignancy and talent as a stage full of Tony winners. 

With inspiration from David Bowie, 70s rock musicals, glam rock and those rock anthems that no one writes anymore (where is the 'Bohemium Rhapsody' of the 2000s?), The Stranger is about an alien creature who comes to earth and discovers what it's like to be human. 

The lycra-clad, super-glam silvery stranger says that she is smarter, sexier and better looking than us humans. She is totally correct. And she can sing. Bloody hell, can she sing!

All written by Geraldine, it's a story that runs the gauntlet of unexpected emotion – I knew I'd laugh, but didn't expect to want to cry – and has its audience engrossed. 

Last chance to see it is TONIGHT.

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