18 September 2013

What to see at the Melbourne Fringe?


Hey, it's the first day of the Melbourne Fringe.

Woo hoo.

But don't look to people like me to tell you what to see, because I ALWAYS miss amazing shows.

Here's the Fringe page or there's a program booklet sitting in every cafe in the city.

Take a punt and see a show that grabs you're attention, has a great title, is on near your house or is  starting in 10 minutes.

Just see shows.

Fringes are open access festivals, so anyone can register and be in the program. This means that the quality ranges from I-can't-believe-I-get-to-see this to I-can't-believe-I-sat-through this.

It also means that the work is the stuff that artists and creators WANT to make. It's a chance to experiment and to find that audience that sees the world through the same eyes.

I'm planning to see my fair share. Not sure how much I can review, but I will be Tweeting (@SometimesMelb) and re-tweeting all the hints to amazing stuff.

Having said that...

If you're out and about tonight, it's the first night of Lisa-Skye's late night live chat show called Art, Sex and Snacks.

I first saw Lisa-Skye in the Comedy Festival with her show Songs My Parents Taught Me. I loved it. She's delightfully filthy, has amazing dress sense and makes me feel like an an old fuddy duddy for going back to a single hair colour and not wearing glitter every day. If you missed it, it's on again at the Fringe – and starting tonight. Details here.

But back to the chat show. It's at the Tuxedo Cat and one of her first guests is John Richards, who sometimes wears less glitter that Lisa-Skye.  I suspect that the conversation will be just like the publicity photo: all about cake, cream, glace cherries and how to fill a condom with glitter.

John wrote Outland (on the ABC last year), is a Dr Who Splendid Chap and has written a show about Eurovision for the Fringe called Songs for Europe. Details here.

Let me just sing, "My lovely horse".  If you now hate me because you know you'll be singing it for the rest of the day, Songs For Europe is for you.

AND it features Jack Beeby, whose Bunny Hutch was a highlight of the recent Container Festival.

Here's a taste of Lisa.

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