21 September 2013


Present Tense
20 September 2013
Fringe Hub, Upstairs at Errol's
to 5 October

A Sauvy B Sunrise is sauvignon blanc, orange juice and raspberry cordial. Zoe Macdonald (who was the best friend in the wonderful Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert) is every character in her show and far more top shelf than the cocktail that I shouldn't judge so harshly before giving it a go.

FOMO is the fear of missing out and from the studio of the Mellow FM radio station, our Sauvy B drinking host has a creamy smooth voice like a Baileys on ice and welcomes the guests and callers to the "Let's be honest" hour.  From a New York researcher to a swearing suburbanite (yes, I mean bogan), there's talk of pubes and vajazzling and a reminder that it's called a vagina, but it all comes back to the one thing they all coincidentally have in common: Zoe Macdonald.

With a fear of ageing, questioning of sexuality and the usual am I too fat and hairy questions, we finally meet the real Zoe, and these moments of reality made me want to see more of her and less of her zany (and wonderfully performed) characters.

I also shared an eye roll with my date as she discussed the fear of turning 30 and turning into a cat lady. Then I remembered my own 30 freak out (and my 40 one), but getting my first cat at 31 was one of the best things I've ever done.

Devised by Zoe and directed by Bryce Ives and Nathan Gilkes (the Margaret Fulton team), FOMO is an hilariously honest look at the Zoe's life and a reminder that the only thing that makes us miss out is the fear that we may miss out.

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