27 September 2013

FRINGE: Wolf Creek the Musical

Wolf Creek, the Musical
21 September 2013
Fringe Hub, Lithuanian Club,The Loft
to 5 October

I love horror films. Scare the bejesus out me and I'm oddly happy. I was very excited to see Wolf Creek, the film, but it was a bit dull and so keen on being genre that it forgot to tell a story and even the brilliant outback mass murdering psycho wasn't enough to save it.

But this film was made so that this musical could be made. 

Wolf Creek, the Musical is officially my new favourite musical. 

Made with a budget that wouldn't buy a gold class ticket to see the film, it's parody at its best. It's offensive, wrong on every level, atrociously performed, has a song that made me hide my face in my hands because I couldn't believe what had just been sung, and it left me aching from laughing.

It's complete wrongness is so perfectly right that I want to see it again. 

This is the late night Fringe show that slashes all the right veins and may leave you lying in the dirt unable to move. If you've seen Wolf Creek, this is unmissable. If you haven't, it's still gloriously hilarious and you'll go home and watch the film.

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