30 September 2013

FRINGE: Homage to Uncertainty

Homage to Uncertainty
29 September 2013
Fringe Hub, Rehearsal Room
to 5 October

Emma Beech's Homage to Uncertainty won the Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award at the Adelaide Fringe. On her web site, Emma says that the the Homage team are "VERY happy to be taking this work to Melbourne". On behalf of Melbourne, we are VERY happy to be seeing it this gorgeous show. 

With stories she's collected and those of her own, Emma charms her audience from the moment she crawls onto to stage. Her stories are about how we live the big moments of our lives in the tiny moments and how we all spend so much time not doing what we look like we're doing. (Yes, I'm playing Candy Crush with my "I'm reading an important email" look on my face.)

With a subtle but conscious theatricality that creates enough distance to remind us that Emma isn't really our new best friend (but I could be wrong), her story is honest and as real as it needs to be to reach into our hearts.

This is gentle, smart and lovely theatre that's created to share an experience with its audience, rather than simply tell a story.

I suggest making this a double with They Saw a Thylacine (on in the same room before hand) and don't think twice about staying for the triple and seeing Black Faggot (also in the same room) afterwards.

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