10 September 2017

How to Fringe 2017: Ben Volchok

Ben Volchok
Writer, performer, podcaster

Ben Volchok Presents…
23 September, 17 September – 1 October
Howey Downstairs and The Butterfly Club

Ben Volchok. Photo by Alanna Marshall

If you could invite anyone to your show (and you knew they would come), who would it be?
The reanimated corpse of Spike Milligan.

The Melbourne Fringe in three words.
Independent. Unusual. Inspiring.

A favourite Melbourne Fringe memory.
Opening night of my very first Melbourne Fringe show in 2015. It was a bit of a shambles but incredibly exciting.

What is your experience as an independent artist being part of the Melbourne Fringe?
Challenging but rewarding.

What makes the Melbourne Fringe unique?
Melbourne has a really vibrant and wonderful arts scene and the Melbourne Fringe sees a lot more non-standard performances come out of the woodwork.

What’s your advice for choosing what to see in the Melbourne Fringe?
Ask friends, look up your favourite artists, scour the program and pick random new things whose vibe clicks with you.

Do you think there’s a better system than star ratings for reviews?
“If you like X, then you’ll like Y.”

Five shows/events that you will not miss at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe.
Sam Marzden’s 1950's B-Grade Sci-Fi Movie
Alice Tovey: Mansplaining
Alderstead Heath by Alex Chilton
Death to America by Sean Bedlam
PO PO MO CO: Recreation & Leisure

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