19 September 2017

How to Fringe 2017: Sabrina Martin

Sabrina Martin
Performer, actor, teacher, producer, volunteer, all-round theatre pixie

May Contain Sex Scenes
26–30 September
The Old Cafe, Emerald City @ Meat Market

Sabrina Martin. Photo by Ingrid Saker

If you could invite anyone to your show (and you knew they would come), who would it be?  
Sigmund Freud, he has a lot to answer for when it comes to popular misunderstandings about female sexuality.

The Melbourne Fringe in three words?   
Inclusive, arty, fabulous.

A favourite Melbourne memory?
Ten years ago, in the middle of a heat wave on my first day in Melbourne, my friend's flatmate convinced me to cycle from Fitzroy into Federation Square and back again. Avoiding tram tracks and riding around in what felt like a fan oven, it was my first ever overseas adventure and I was mesmerised by the city. It was so big and there was so much to do and eat. I may have been delirious but I’ve had a crush on Melbourne ever since.

Your experience as an independent artist being part of the Melbourne Fringe.
This year is my first year performing at Melbourne Fringe! So far I have felt very welcomed, firstly by being encouraged by Melbourne Fringe to bring my show over from New Zealand. Program manager Xanthe Beesley joined me in a boutique hotel room on Wellington’s Waterfront for the world premiere of the show. Ever since I have had great support from the staff, I cannot believe the individual care I have had considering they are hosting 400 odd shows and events.

What makes the Melbourne Fringe unique?   
Just how inclusive it is! They make it very clear that queer work and feminist work are not only welcomed but celebrated and encouraged, especially with events like Church. I think this is unique to any major fringe festival I have been a part of.

Your advice for choosing what to see in the Melbourne Fringe.   
Use the “guide me” section on the Fringe Website, it includes Indigenous, Feminist and Queer guides to Fringe which I am personally a huge fan of. Plus there is the Bank of Australia Take 5, each day there is a new code to get $5 off your ticket – which the bank pay for so the artists still get their full cut!

Do you think there’s a better system than star ratings for reviews?
We don’t do star ratings in New Zealand but most Fringes around the world use them. It’s obviously great if you get 4 or 5 stars but disappointing and useless for marketing if you get anything less. It reduces art to a number, which is the opposite of what most artists are aiming for. If people feel like we need a quick glance system then replacing stars with hearts could be nice, that way you receive some love for the work. I feel like this question could do with artists and reviewers coming together and dream up better solutions.

Shows/events that you will not miss at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe.
Church curated by Mama Alto
Betty GRUMBLE: Sex Clown Saves the World
Power Ballad
The Measure of a Man by Gavin Roach

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