25 September 2017

How to Fringe 2017: Carla Mitterlehner

Carla Mitterlehner
Actor, musician, designer
RAG Theatre

No Offence
Trigger warning - contains moments of joy
28–30 September
Alex Theatre

Carla Mitterlehner

The Melbourne Fringe in three words.
Art, Create, Experience

A favourite Melbourne Fringe memory.
Performing at a variety of venues

Your as an independent artists being part of the Melbourne Fringe.
It's an exciting experience: the culture of theatre making, the whole process and the end result.

What makes the Melbourne Fringe unique.
It showcases new, fresh, thought-provoking, dynamic and vibrant Art.

Your advice for choosing what to see in the Melbourne Fringe.
Word of mouth reviews, online reviews, visit the Fringe Hub and check out the guide.

Five shows/events that will not/did not miss at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe.
Fanaticus by Rawcus
The program launch party
The Vagina Monologues
Crimson Tide
PO PO MO CO: Recreation & Leisure

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